Help Leo Find Lucy, Please

3 min readDec 3, 2017

I ride my bike to work along Mission Bay, around the The Ramp and onto the San Francisco Bay Trail. Just past Mission Rock Resort, Leo parks his bike with it’s dog trailer at a picnic table, sets out his dogs’ beds, and they rest in the morning sun together. The care and peace that I have seen there over the months has inspired me to initiate little conversations with Leo, Lucy, and Yoda.

Last week, Leo was in the middle of a story he was sharing with a City worker when I rode up. The story he told was so sad, I’m needing to share it with you in an effort to help Leo reunite with Lucy, one of his dogs.

The kidnapping of Lucy

Leo travels around the city on his bike with his two dogs in tow. (It’s really cute to see them riding away, with the two dogs’ rears peaking out the pet trailer.)

Leo was in the Haight, crossing the street to go to a shop. One of his dogs, Yoda, is deaf. So when Leo crosses traffic, he puts Yoda on a leash. Lucy normally heels and so was off leash. Leo started to cross the street and Lucy stopped in the middle of the street. Leo turned to recall Lucy. A woman came up and asked to pet Lucy. Leo told me he never wants to deny someone that pleasure and so he said yes. It also gave him the opportunity to retrieve Lucy. But as he approached the woman and Lucy, the woman backed away, letting Lucy loose. So, Leo started yelling at Lucy to again try and recall her out of the street. The woman told Leo that if he spoke nicer, maybe Lucy would come.

Leo has a calm, somewhat stoic, demeanor and adores these dogs. He told me he would never strike his dogs or mistreat them. And seeing how he is with these dogs, I believe him.

Then, before Leo could get to Lucy, the woman grabbed Lucy, put her in her car, and drove away. This was on October 30th.

Hearing Leo’s story, I can’t imagine what sort of person would steal a dog away from an owner in the middle of trying to recall their dog. As you can imagine, Leo is beside himself with loss and worry. I told Leo I would share his story.

Leo’s information

Leo’s been looking everywhere, including Animal Care & Control, but has limited resources. Another friend helped out by printing these full-color notices.

Lucy was stolen on October 30th, from Cole Street near Oak and Page.

She’s an adorable, friendly mix, 5 years old, 45 lbs. She is very deeply missed by her owner, friends, and especially by her canine pal Yoda, who is deaf and blind in one eye and grew up with her.

If you have any information, please call Leo at 415.684.6801 or email

I told Leo: I’m going to share your story with other dog-lovers in the City: we will find Lucy!

Hardships pile on

Also, in this last month of hardship, Leo’s pet trailer was stolen. Now, instead of cruising with his two dogs in his bike trailer, he has to walk everywhere, hanging on to his bike and Yoda’s leash.

update →

Leo’s friend is buying him a bike trailer. The GoFundMe campaign raised $95.00, which we’ll give to Leo for expenses and whatnot.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to reunite Lucy with her family AND restore their mode of transportation?! It somehow makes me feel like a bit of order would be restored to the universe.

A beautiful family

I don’t know what Leo’s story is or what his future holds. I do know that his little family is of peace and dignity. Leo’s dogs have a proper San Francisco dog’s life: kindness, care, and attention.

Leo, Lucy, and Yoda have one of the beautiful unions of San Francisco. Please help reunite them. Spread the word!




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