Namaskte: my mask for you, yours for me

Animated gif of steps in making my mask

About masks in general

We will need to have masks at the ready for the foreseeable future. So I’d like to share with you some of the things that I’ve learned over the past couple of weeks.

Sewing the mask

For some reason I found it really soothing to watch women all around the world create masks on YouTube. My mask design is a variation on what I learned from these folks. I will put some of those videos at the end of this article in the Resources section.

Supply list

  • quilting cotton
  • lightweight cotton
  • coffee bag tie
  • elastic


You can download the PDF from my site.

To use save this image as a PDF: right-click on this image, open it in a new tab, and print it to PDF.

Steps in the animated gif

Cutting out the pattern

  1. The filter pocket layer is shorter than the outside layer. Fold both in half — right side in — and put the smaller filter layer inside the larger layer.
pattern and fabric lined up and ready to cut
pattern against the fold, cut out

Sewing the main mask

A quarter inch seam on all sewing lines is fine. 3/8" is better.

nose pieces sewn
chin pieces sewn
filter layer edges folded over, ready to be sewn
main layer and filter layer pinned right sides together, ready to be sewn
turn mask right side out

Adding the elastic

You can use a bit of rubber band, a rope made from a t-shirt. There are a lot of ways to tie a mask to your face. The reason I use the elastic that goes all the way around the head, twice, is to control the tightness of the fit both around the chin and over the cheekbones. Crossing the one over the other makes for a snug fit. I haven’t found a tighter fit with any other materials.


New York Times has a lot and continues to produce more articles. Also, I’d just like to say if you need something to fall asleep to that is calming and fills you with hope for the good will of humanity, do search for mask sewing patterns on YouTube. Don’t hesitate to click on the non-English tutorials: a lot are very ASMR.

New York Times masks series

A User’s Guide to Face Masks

YouTube mask patterns

Just want to call this one out for those who don’t sew and need a quick mask: 2 Minute 5 Layer 3D Paper Towel Face Mask #Masks4all



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