VCA Tech & Support Workers Get Our Gratitude — Aaaand Support

Our dogs running on the shoreline at Ocean Beach
Boomer, our GrandDog, at the beach with our dog, Shadow, and a Rottie pup
Shadow & The Professor are sittin’ pretty for VCA/SFVS Workers

The Rose Thief is Thwarted by the Wind

Parker the spy-girl was pretty feral when she came to us from SFSPCA. She’s there, then she’s gone. Unfortunately, just like a spy, she’s been in the wrong place at the wrong time, many times in her life.

Our cat, Parker, as she sneaks up to eat the roses from a vase
Parker, The Rose Thief

The Anchor Kitty

I call Puck the Anchor Kitty, because she was the being who anchored my wife before we met. She was my wife’s constant companion. She had the title of The Best Cat of the Whole Wide World. And The U.S. of A. Aaaand The Universe. But Puck was a one-woman kinda cat. At first, she would tolerate my attention until my wife walked out of the room. Then, she’d attack me with all four paws and all of her teeth.

What tortoiseshell cats do

The Professor of Modern Dance & Silliness

Our dogs, Shadow and The Professor, standing with their sweaters on
Shadow & The Professor (look at that tail)
Our dogs, Shadow and The Professor digging at the beach
How much smells can a couple of dogs get into in 1 walk on the beach?

In Good Faith

For 15 months now, they’ve been asking for better wages and benefits. We like to make a joke: it’s a dog’s life on Bernal Hill. Really it is a kind of heaven up here for animals. We lead the way in how to rear, train, and treat animals. The Tech and Support Staff at VCA San Francisco Veterinary Specialists are part of a wide community of animal stewards. They lead the pack in how to properly and fully love and care for our animals. But they can’t survive in this beautiful Bay Area on the wages they are receiving now. Let’s end this hypocrisy. Follow their FB page. Follow them on Twitter. Call VCA corporate offices at 1–800–966–1822. Let them know, as customers, we expect them to negotiate in good faith with the West Coast Pet Care Workers.

Tovah isn’t joking; Parker’s ready to go! We Support West Coast Pet Care Workers!



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