Part one: Reading in Airtable data with Gatsby’s implementation of Apollo GraphQL server.

I’ve spent way too hours trying to find the right toolchain and starters just to create a playground to try out some features. So I’m hoping that this article will help others get to coding and combining components more efficiently.

Where to start?

You can create a react app from many different starter files. A good question I saw on the React site is to ask up front is “do I need a toolchain?” But in reality, most experiences are easier to create, test, publish, update, integrate when you find…

After I watched some creative videos on YouTube of hand design masks, I decided to try my own. Now, I’d like to share some tips and tricks, some basic steps, and the pattern I created.

Animated gif of steps in making my mask

About masks in general

We will need to have masks at the ready for the foreseeable future. So I’d like to share with you some of the things that I’ve learned over the past couple of weeks.

Please feel free to correct me.

And I would feel horrible if anything I said contributed to the alarming amount of disinformation there is on the internet. …

We’d like to register our support of better wages & benefits for VCA tech & support workers.

Our dogs running on the shoreline at Ocean Beach
Our dogs running on the shoreline at Ocean Beach
Boomer, our GrandDog, at the beach with our dog, Shadow, and a Rottie pup

We rely on VCA for specialist & emergency care, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars over the years. Six of our rescue animals have been treated at VCA SF Pet Specialist: from our beloved Puck, the cat who was at VCA on a weekly basis for oncology, to the best dog in the world, Shadow (from Family Dog Rescue), who is being treated for liver disease currently.

Of course, the high quality of specialist vets reassures us that we are…

If you could pick any healthcare, what would it look like? (Sharing some infographics & asking for case studies.)

Data from

We’ve been told that we love our private healthcare. We’ve been told that we’d be way better off without private industry.

I had heard that Australia, unlike Canada, has a private option for healthcare. But I didn’t know Australia also has tax penalties on middle-to-high income earners who do not have private insurance. More surprises were in “Canada should take health-care lessons from Australia.”

We’ve been told that we’d be willing to “wait in line” — or not. But I didn’t…

Living in a representative democracy, we still have to get it done. (And, damn, Comey’s wrong/right again.)

Robert Mueller — Caricature by DonkeyHotey

If a major piece of legislation or a SCOTUS decision gets a lot of media coverage, I get the same feeling as putting on a sweater that I shrunk a bit in the wash. Thanks for all that spin, but I really wish it fit me better. So, I’ll go to the source and give it a read through. There’s been so much speculation about the Mueller report, I felt it was my civic duty to read it. …

Adding HammerJS to Angular 6 — right? we’re at 6?

‘Three Drunken Women’, painting by Torii Kiyonaga, c. 1787 (wikipedia/commons)

Draft notes:

I needed to implement a HammerJS solution (without Material) in Angular 6 and there’s not a consolidated article of how to implement an event plugin, so I thought I’d share how I did it. Basically, you add the plugin, you have to import it globally, then create your directive and add it to your HTML object.

Here’s the general outline for now, which I’m publishing in draft form, in the hopes it’s enough information to save someone else the time to cobble the solution together. …

I ride my bike to work along Mission Bay, around the The Ramp and onto the San Francisco Bay Trail. Just past Mission Rock Resort, Leo parks his bike with it’s dog trailer at a picnic table, sets out his dogs’ beds, and they rest in the morning sun together. The care and peace that I have seen there over the months has inspired me to initiate little conversations with Leo, Lucy, and Yoda.

Last week, Leo was in the middle of a story he was sharing with a City worker when I rode up. The story he told was…

A CSS pro cascades styles — and ideas and people. Here’s a list to help.

Working on a team isn’t everyone, all at once, diving in together, communitas programming. Often times, it’s serial: first an architect designs a solution, a sole contributor might make the big technical decisions, someone else builds out a prototype, another person might set up the dev environment, a small team might do the initial development, others come in to make contributions late in the game, and some human on the other side of the continent is tasked with maintenance releases. …

Barbarian/Librarian Party Angel Schatz

What does it take to be an informed activist? Calling all librarians, researchers, and sub-subs!

Fake news is our problem. We create it, innocently, by accident. Journalist simplify information in order to make it more consumable. Citizens share stale old moldy articles before double checking the source — what is a source, anyway? What are the different kinds of sources? Our insatiable desire to consume headlines spurs us on to the next click-bate before we exam what’s been said and whether it really lines up. And of course, there are the righteous articles written by our favorite ideologues that confirm…

Getting the sense your team mindset is causing unintentional bias? Switch up the personalities in leadership roles.

I remember “Tom’s” first day at work. Not because of something he did, but because of how I felt. Tom’s church had been flooding money into the hetero-religious agenda in California. Millions of dollars were going to make sure I couldn’t marry my wife, and if I did, we would not be treated the same when it came to Social Security, health care, and inheritance (just to name a few of the over 1K rights we were being denied). But I was bigger than that, right?

When I interviewed Tom, he was by far one of the brightest and professional…


...a queer man, Captain Ahab- so some think- but a good one. Oh, thou'lt like him well enough; no fear, no fear. He's a grand, ungodly, god-like man...

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